Our Groundbreaking Methodology

Experience landing page optimization at its finest. Our Science & Methodology is your trusted guide to achieving excellence in user engagement and conversions.

Landingmetrics Methodology

Our Groundbreaking Methodology

Experience landing page optimization at its finest. Our Science & Methodology is your trusted guide to achieving excellence in user engagement and conversions.

Landingmetrics methodology

Our Unique Analytical Approach

At the forefront of landing page optimization, our exclusive methodology is specifically designed for marketers and individuals dedicated to enhancing user experience and driving conversions. Developed through rigorous research and continuous development, our approach uniquely deciphers the complex dynamics of user interactions with landing pages. Our cutting-edge analytics, born from a blend of in-depth research and technological advancement, set a new standard in understanding and enhancing the efficiency of landing pages. Embark on a journey with our proprietary process that redefines the benchmark for conversion optimization and user engagement.

Our methodology at a glance

We've developed a method based on three foundational pillars described below. The combination of these three pillars provides optimal visibility into the effectiveness of the design, facilitating quick comprehension of key messages and promoting the intended action.


Predictive Eye-Tracking

Artificial Intelligence simulates a lab-based Eye-Tracking study (evaluated at 92% reliability by MIT).

Large-Scale User Studies
Data collection from lab studies involving thousands of participants.

Machine Learning
Identification and modeling of predictive patterns associated with visual pathways.

Predictive Results
Prediction models are applied to both desktop and mobile screens.


UX Metrics

Data-driven measurements to assess aesthetic aspects, and an objective evaluation grid to review the ergonomics and design of interactions.

Visual Design
Aesthetic review backed by objective data (AI).

Assessment of accessibility, usability, and ergonomics.

Interaction Design
Analysis of the user interface to enhance interactions.



Usage modeling and visualization of results.

Consideration of Scrolling and Devices
A proprietary model based on research simulates scrolling behavior depending on the device (Desktop vs. Mobile).

Scoring Model
Incorporates 29 metrics to determine the UX score and its sub-scores (Load, Scan, Act).

Industry Expertise and Data Visualization
Graphical representation of data to support decision-making for Marketing and UX teams.

One landing page, 3 stages

A visit to a landing page is a journey of user interaction, comprising three key stages: Load, Scan, and Act. Each stage—from the user's arrival to their final action—is vital for an impactful experience. Our approach meticulously fine-tunes these stages for a cohesive and effective journey.


The first stage is based on the loading time of the content and how the initial visual cues are sent to confirm the smooth progress of the display process expected by the user.


This stage includes, from the first few seconds, the elements influencing the formation of the first impression, the observed visual path, the readability of the texts, and the order in which the elements are seen.


The content should facilitate a quick interpretation of key messages and prompt action through the call-to-action (CTA). Usability and interaction design are also evaluated to facilitate the achievement of objectives.

29 metrics, 49 measures

Our methodology employs a thorough approach, leveraging 29 metrics to offer an exhaustive analysis of your landing page's effectiveness and its potential to drive conversions. This analysis encompasses both mobile and desktop versions, ensuring a holistic evaluation.

Underpinning these metrics are 49 specific measures, grounded in a blend of research-based insights and advanced methodologies. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies, including AI-driven predictive eye-tracking and sophisticated algorithms. Additionally, our process includes a compliance assessment aligned with selected international standards for accessibility and usability.

Below is an overview of our comprehensive landing page review scope:

Page Speed

A crucial metric that impacts not just SEO but also user experience and conversion rates.

Lighthouse Score
First Visual Signal
Loading time
First Impression

We evaluate the visual appeal and initial impact of your landing page, which are critical for user engagement.

Design Clarity
Design Balance
Reading Ease

We assess the readability of your text to ensure that your message is easily understood by your target audience.

Content Reading Ease
Processing Order

We analyze the sequence in which elements capture user attention, ensuring that key messages are not overlooked.

Content Discovery
Processing Order
CTA Viewability

We measure how effectively your CTA grabs attention and prompts user action.

Time to First Fixation
Eye Fixations
Screen Position
CTA Usability

We evaluate the ease with which users can take the desired action.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

One Landing Page, One Final Score

As a holistic measure of design, speed, and user interactions, the UX Score is an invaluable asset for anyone looking to optimize conversions.

The Final Score

This comprehensive metric synthesizes sub-scores from the Load, Scan, and Act stages, each meticulously derived from an exhaustive set of 29 metrics. Together, these sub-scores offer a panoramic view of the user's experience on the landing page, capturing every nuance from load times to design elements and interactive features.

Benchmark Comparison
The LandingMetrics Benchmark reveals the median performance score derived from 162 landing pages. Each page undergoes rigorous evaluation using 49 measurements, following Viaretina's methodology. The benchmark comprises 7938 individual measurements and represents over 648 hours of UX research.
Best-in-class Comparison

The 'Best-in-class' score represents the minimum score required for a landing page to be ranked in the top 10% of the LandingMetrics Benchmark. Situated in the 90th percentile, this score serves as an indicator of superior user experience and effective conversion optimization.

Ready to Elevate Your Landing Page Experience?

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